Rosh the Designer’s

Rosh is established in 2017.

Their goal is to boost the women empowerment, implementation of imported stuff in Kashmir for ladies.
No. of employees = 8, only girls are working there.
Mrs Zarkha and her mother are running this business. Do not give up, don’t take anything personally, and don’t take no for an answer, advises Zarkha.
Zarkha has done MBA, her husband suggested her to start her own business instead of doing any job.
They are also providing boutique services.Rosh is best because they are dealing with original imported stuff with best quality and at best rates. Rosh brings the best to you.
Rosh, a shop for ladies imported suits in Srinagar established in 2017. Zarkha and her mother are founder of Rosh, a fast fashion brand of imported suits, casual wear for women, aims to provide best possible items for women. Zarkha, an MBA from one of the best universities, decided to found Rosh in 2017 with the support of her husband. Zarkha wanted to do something of her own. Her husband provided immense support to her. Zarkha didn’t let her ambitions and capabilities die from the want of a routine and secured life. Her husband never wanted her to go in corporate sector as in those places employees are being treated as machines. This gives her a spark to start up, to build a workplace with the best of work culture and with the freedom to innovate. Zarkha believes women make great Entrepreneurs because they take calculated risks. Zarkhas main aim is to boost women empowerment. She is constantly looking for ideas to make her organization healthier, better, more resilient and she is enjoying working collaboratively with women. Zarkha believes in quality over quantity. She is very quality conscious.

Their goal is to boost the women empowerment. Ms Zarkha being an MBA started her own business instead going for a job.She has an excellent strength of employees all being females. Besides this she owns a boutique also.
Rosh is the best because they are dealing with original imported stuff with best quality and at best rates. Rosh brings the imported best ethnic designs to the doorstep of Kashmiri ladies and make them look stunning. Their wont be any single occasion when ladies don’t wish to look breath-taking and Rosh helps you look that by providing amazing stuff to you.
Rosh aims in Revolutionizing the way people look at luxury fashion shopping in our country. To establish as a successful shop, which is a pioneer in the exclusive dealing of imported products across the country with a loyal customer following. To remarkably extend the boundaries of the luxury fashion market. Rosh sells happiness to their customers. Their employees are very customer friendly.
To facilitate an easy yet gratifying experience to the luxury fashion shoppers and enthusiasts with sophisticated bonafide products, which caters to all their fashion desires at the right price.
Rosh presents the latest designs with a plethora of rich fabrics. Stay classy and traditional by choosing designer ladies imported suits and ladies bags. Adding to this, you can also buy designer vanity boxes that accentuates your ethnic look.

Zarkha believes all of the above are an integral part of the definition of entrepreneurship and starting a company has been a small albeit significant part of any longer journey.